Sunday, October 29, 2017

"The Bare Lathes Intertwined with Creeper and Wire-Moss" Recording

"The Bare Lathes Intertwined with Creeper and Wire-Moss" 

Bil Smith Composer


Commission from Pemex (Petróleos Mexicanos)for Chamber Orchestra, a work predicated on 'Compositional Bounding Theory', a theory about the locality of movement. The main principle of Bounding Theory is the Subjacency condition, which forbids movement across more than one bounding node (i.e. tablature).
for Chamber Orchestra; Coloratura Soprano (Obstruent Phonology); Soubrette (Siblancy: Fricative speech sounds with high frequency); Spinto Soprano (Strict Cyclicity); IGT Wild Cherry Spinning Wheel Slot; IGT 2x3x4x5x Red Hot 7s™ Spinning Reel Slot; IGT Hot Roll® Ca$h Ca$h Ca$h™ Video Slots; IGT Megabucks® Crystal Sevens® Slot; WMS Dashing Dolphins Slot; Wicks Century 5 Pipe Organ; Paiste 24' Venus Gong; Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer; Hellfire Modulator, an analog, tube-based distortion rack-module; Formanta Polivoks Synthesizer; ESP jeune fille X Gips -Cross Ray- Moi dix Mois MANA Signature Model Electric Guitar.

"Emblematic Suctusstupratio" for Orchestra" The Recording

"Emblematic Suctusstupratio" for Orchestra"  The Recording 
Bil Smith Composer.
This commission from a private sponsor was dictated by a strict adherence to a "Prescribed Multidimensional Network."
The pertinacious intent was to create a redundancy abject diverse procedural element. In the score, there is a complexity represented through moments of extreme sonic and physical activity as well as a a high degree of timbral diversity. In consideration of the score and the performance, I wanted to portray an enormous illuminated painting, unsettled, however with an intense detail.

"Red Is You And You"
for Piccolo (Soprillo) Saxophone

Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Syntagmatic Relations" for Trumpet, Tumba, Harp and Bass Saxophone. The Full Score Link (PDF)

Syntagmatic Relations

for Trumpet, Tumba, Harp and Bass Saxophone

Bil Smith Composer

Commissioned by Alps Electric

The Score:  PDF

"Noche". For String Trio. PDF Link To The Full Score.


For String Trio.

Cello, Viola, Violin.

Bil Smith Composer


A Commission from Icelandic Water

Link: The Full Score

“Immobile Glorious and Eternal” for Solo Flute

“Immobile Glorious and Eternal”

for Solo Flute

(The score is the dominant; the performance, submissive)

Bil Smith Composer


Commissioned by Veolia & TF1 Group

Excerpts from the 84 page score